One thought on “OWRC Letter on the Spotted Frog

  1. We agreed with and support OWRC’s letter 100%. This outcome of this case has the potential to devastate Central Oregon families, communities and businesses. I know of farmers with crops 100% dependent on this water for the survival of their families. I also know one family in Tumalo whose house’s only water source is the irrigation water. It is filtered, treated, stored and used year round as their only water source. These people will be forced to abandon their home if this injunction is issued. Emotions are running very high about this issue in Central Oregon and has the potential to “blow up” dramatically if this situation is not handled fairly with the citizens involved. Many families and communities livelihoods; their means of making a living and feeding their children is being threatened. The recent uproar in Harney County will seem small compared to what will happen in Central Oregon if this water is taken abruptly away, especially after all the works done by local irrigation districts to conserve water and help fish & other wildlife.

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